A 501(c)(3) rescue and sanctuary in Scottsdale, Arizona. Est. 2004.

Lucky Dog Rescue, established in 2004 (now in our 20th year!) is an all-unpaid volunteer-based non-profit animal rescue and sanctuary organization dedicated to saving dogs’ lives. All of our rescue and sanctuary dogs are in private foster homes. We cover all their medical needs and vet visits and support our fosters in any way we can.

Adoptable Dogs

Sanctuary Dogs

Sanctuary dogs are in permanent foster care but are owned by Lucky Dog Rescue, and we are financially responsible for them. Most of these dogs have serious ongoing but manageable medical issues with costly medication and regular vet care. Some of our sanctuary dogs have behavioral issues, but do quite well with their fosters.  A few of our sanctuary dogs came to us at an old age and will live out their lives in their foster homes. None of our sanctuary dogs are up for adoption at this time. Please consider donating to one of our sanctuary dogs. Monthly sponsorship is also available.

Awards and Certifications

Lucky Dog Rescue has been selected for the 2024 Best of Scottsdale Award in the Pet Service – Dog Rescue category by the Scottsdale Award Program. This is the 10th year in a row!

Filling a vital community need, PACC911 brings together over 100 animal welfare organizations throughout Arizona to create a potent animal rescue community that valiantly works together under a unified umbrella.

GuideStar is the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations. We envision a nonprofit sector strong enough to tackle the great challenges of our time.

The mission of Lucky Dog Rescue is to:

      • Help senior dogs and dogs in need of medical care.
      • Provide the dogs that are in our sanctuary with the highest possible care and love
        Educate the public about the responsibilities of being a pet owner, including the importance of spaying and neutering, vaccinations, licensing, nutrition and proper hygiene
      • Maintain a high quality of service to everyone that comes in contact with Lucky Dog Rescue
      • Maintain our 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation status. Our EIN number is 20-1630535