A 501(c)(3) rescue and sanctuary in Scottsdale, Arizona. Est. 2004.


Can we stay with you?

Lucky Dog Rescue is always in great need of volunteers and foster homes to help us save more homeless dogs! By opening your home for a short time, many more can be saved, since they just need a short term place to stay before finding permanent loving homes. Most get adopted in under a month. Our rescue covers all expenses, including vet care and food. All you need to do is give them a place to stay and some love and attention!

Fostering not only saves that dog’s life, but allows us the space and resources to go save another from the shelter or from a neglectful home. Please consider opening your heart and home, for it will surely have a direct impact on saving more lives.

Fostering is very rewarding, and as you get into the swing of it and see the loving homes that come along for them, it is easier to “let go” and do it again for the next. Once you see and understand the great need for foster homes, it becomes easier and greatly rewarding. Call us at 480-704-4628 for more information or email us at foster@luckydogrescue.org!

Did You Say Go For A Walk?

Our minimum age for volunteering is 18 year of age and 21 for fostering.

Lucky Dog Rescue often saves dogs where their history and behavior is unknown. We like to place the dog into temporary boarding in order to help us evaluate the individual dog’s demeanors and temperaments. By doing this, we are able to determine what type of foster/permanent home is best for the dog.

You can help the dogs in their temporary homes feel much more comfortable by walking, playing and socializing them. We also need dog handlers to help out at adoption events, and training sessions.

If you are interested in helping with dog walking and socializing, please call 480-704-4628 or email us at Dee@luckydogrescue.org!